In love with my Boss

I had a very good job that I loved. My contributions at home hugely made an impact in our lives as a family because we could afford a certain kind of lifestyle due to what my husband and I brought home at the end of every month. Something happened at work, so I had to resign. My husband is finding it very difficult to wrap his head around the reasons I gave for resigning because I lied to him.

The truth is, I fell in love with my boss. Or let me say we both realized we had a strong attraction towards each other and it was near impossible to work together professionally at the workplace. He made advances towards me and I liked it. He would text a million times in a day and I was getting too comfortable and familiar with the idea of hearing from him than from my husband.This was weird to me

Mr.David,I have never cheated on my husband but this emotional entanglement was testing everything else I believed to be the right thing to do. My boss is married and I know his wife. So you can understand the awkwardness of this whole thing. I had to resign to save our reputation and whatever was left with it. My husband thinks I resigned because I wasn’t being treated fairly.

That was the excuse I gave him but I am beginning to suspect he doesn’t buy my reason. Is telling my husband I fell in love with my boss worth it? I ended everything when I left the job. I haven’t been in touch with my boss since. I still think of him, and will delete his messages without reading them. I don’t answer his calls. I am doing everything to forget about him but it’s not working. It has been 2 years since I resigned and spoke to my boss. How do I move on and convince my husband with the same lie at the same time.



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