I will not ask you to be more than you are

He realized his wife was worth changing for. And so he walked outside of his ego and made the effort to acknowledge the value in his wife, and the need in forming a decent relationship with some give-and-take. He developed his rational attitude towards her, and the rest has been marriage and it’s lessons learned, one day at a time. -DBM


DD: Will answer your questions.

David Bondze (DB): Oh, wow! So, there really is a MAN! I am so happy, D. How are you doing?

DD: I am good, and yourself?

DB: I am doing alright, thanks. When are you free to chat, please?

DD: I am free now

DB: How old are you?

DD: 39 years

DB: How did you meet your wife?

DD: Hmmmm… On Facebook ooo

DB: What about her made her stand out and not blend in?

DD: Honestly, I really don’t know. I ask myself all the time. But one thing I know is that she made me a happy man from the day I met her

DB: I see. At what point did you realize that – you were that much into her?

DD: Six (6) months into meeting her

DB: And, how long did you date?

DD: I’ll say a year and two months

DB: Was she the ONLY woman you were having sex with during the dating period, that is – if you two were intimately involved?

DD: Hmmmmmm, no

DB: No sex?

DD: We had sex

DB: Ok. So there were others aside her, though, she was the MAIN woman?

DD: Yes ooo. Man was an adventurer then

DB: Ok. How did you propose marriage?

DD: I did it on Christmas Eve, at a friend’s party. She thought I was drunk because I had taken a few drinks but I was serious

DB: Lol! Take me through the hilarious process

DD: I was sipping on a glass of whiskey and out of the blue I removed an empty jewelry pouch and asked her, “Will u marry me”? Funny enough the host, passed a comment that – he blesses our marriage in Jesus name, a few minutes before I proposed

DB: Hehehehe

DD: She laughed because the pouch was empty. I had planned to get the ring that day, but time made it impossible, so I just improvised. Then she was like, ‘Massa are u drunk’?

DB: Hahahaha.

DD: Fuuny but true

DB: What was going through your mind, 4 days to your marriage/wedding ceremony?

DD: Hmmmm. I felt normal because I had wanted to get married a long time ago but…. Another story for another day. It was like a dream come true

DB: That’s nice to know. Would she still be your choice of a wife in the next world?

DD: Over and over again

DB: Have you cheated on your wife before? If yes, why did you cheat? If no, do you see yourself cheating on her sooner or later – in your marriage?

DD: No I haven’t cheated, and human as I am, I always pray for Grace not to cheat on her

DB: That’s cool.

DD: I believe cheating is a choice one makes, so I have chosen not to do that

DB: Nice. When you wake up next to her early morning, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

DD: Honestly, sex.

DB: Hahahaha!

DD: Most of the time.

DB: Lol!

DD: I have been married only a year

DB: I can only imagine

DD: So it’s normal

DB: Yeah!

DD: But hmmmm, I don’t always get it too ooo

DB: But of course. Your needs aren’t her only responsibilities. But, you understand her, right?

DD: Oh yes, I do. It’s normal that we men will demand but we have to also compromise at times

DB: If you had to compose your own new vows to her, what would you say?

DD: The words are not even coming

DB: Awwww!

DD: Serious ooo

DB: Boy, figure dem words outta your mind. Lol! You have the whole of today

DD: Ok boss. I vow to love you as you love me, through all hardship, darkness, and pain to reach for our joys, our hopes, and always with honesty and faith.” “I promise you my unconditional love, tenderness, and undying devotion, to not ask you to be more than you are, and to love you for being you.

DB: I really appreciate you for this chat. Thank you so much

DD: Thank you too. Enjoy your day

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