“I will keep my baby”

I broke up with my ex around November last year and moved to a new area to search for a job which I got. I’m barely six months at my workplace and I’m a month pregnant for my current boyfriend.

To my surprise, he asked me to terminate the pregnancy because he thinks at my workplace, they will not tolerate it. I have made him aware that I’m ready to go through any insult or sanction at my workplace for this pregnancy.

He keeps begging me to terminate it each time it pops up. I gave him two options which he should let us organize something small between both families and settle down since he has been on my neck day and night to marry him.

And the other option is that, since he has started talking about abortion, if I agree to do it, he and I will be over and done because I can’t be with someone who has such hidden agenda about me.

He agreed to the second option. I’m not bothered about his refusal to be involved in the life of me and my baby. I just want him to know that I’m keeping the baby for many reasons.

Notable among them is that I have never missed my menses before and I don’t know if this will be the last. Since he has three children, I’m sure that’s why he is not bothered.

I want to go through the disgrace, humiliation, pain and at the end, hold a mini version of me in my arms. I also want him to know that, carrying this baby alone means, the baby has no father and I will accept that till the end of time.

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