I want SEX!!

Please, how do I teach an unteachable spirit how to have sex with me? Dave, I’m suffering ooo, this man is so difficult to reason with. Why should I be denied of an orgasm?

Why should my body not enjoy the pleasures of a man’s touch simply because my husband isn’t good in bed? I can’t continue being faithful for the rest of my life if I am going to be sleeping with only my husband.

He is an under 5 minutes performer. Dave, my ex who was in his late 40s then, could even clock 15 minutes and above. Why should a young man be doing under 5 minutes?

Dave,nano nnda nnso ooo. Too known and intolerant. I get wet because I would also be thinking about one of my exes. They aren’t perfect, but they could handle a woman in the bedroom. My husband is not the type I can talk to and win an argument. He is always right.

I see myself cheating on him. And I don’t care if he cheats on me. I would rather wish that other woman good luck in that department. Dave, the things I want to do to a man in bed that I can’t even do with my husband worries me. There is no point to it when it’s with him.

Useless sex nkoaa, waste of time. Dave, I need to find myself “Papa no” to give me good sex. I am hardworking so I don’t need a man to spend on me. I want good sex. GOOD SEX, Dave, GREAT SEX.

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