I love my husband so much


After my chat with her husband on her phone, he deleted our conversation to prevent her from seeing it. She only got to read what he had to say about her on my page, because she’s a fan of what I do. This is her message to me this morning

Amma Okyir (AO): David, hmmmm! Eiiiii! Who am I? 😢 I’ve been so emotional. And come and see how he’s even fallen in love with me again. He’s always loved me, he’s never changed since we met. But your conversation with him has revealed another part of him which is so beautiful.

Somebody said in a comment that she thinks the marriage is one sided or something. For the where? You know he doesn’t have a brother, and his half-sisters are not that close. We are like twins. When we were staying with his mum, so many people thought she was rather my mum, living with us. The only person he’s got as a family is his mum, and I treat her like she’s my baby, this makes him love me more.

He never got some privileges as a child. He went through a lot because his parents separated so early. I have taught his children how to love him and pamper him. I teach the kids to write love letters to him. They give it to him after work. “I love you daddy” many times to him. Even our last who’s Three (3) years old, shouts “I love you dad” in public. He feels so much loved by us. He is my mum’s body-body too. And yes, I enjoy being overly submissive because he’s also being overly lovely.

Overly submissive = excess love too much loveoo.

They also see and hear me praying a lot for him so they tell him. I teach them to pray for him. We try to give him all the love he missed when he was a kid. We are happy.

David Bondze (DB): Awwww!

AO: Lest I forget, he’s never complained about my weight before, NEVER! When I get worried about my weight, he gets angry. He says it’s not necessary. I should try and eat healthy. Sake of some small ulcer problem nti. But aside that dze, I should forget about slimming tea.

DB: I see

AO: And also, I think I don’t bother him a lot with money matters.

DB: That’s good. It’s very important

AO: I give what I get to him to manage it for us.

DB: Hmmm!

AO: I see all his money and he sees mine

DB: Ok

AO: Yes. He buys anything I want and I make sure we buy anything he wants. He chooses my dresses for me. I do same. We are not jealous. I know my husband is extremely handsome and I tell him all the time. Every day he hears it. Lol.

DB: Hahahaha

AO: I ask the kids how they see daddy and they say he’s cute and mummy is beautiful but ‘obolo’, then we all laugh.

DB: Awwww! Hahahaha

AO: We both spend time with the kids a lot. At least, they learn a new memory verse every 3 days

DB: I see. That’s beautiful

AO: My mum-in-law comes home anytime she likes and she’s welcomed. We cook, eat and chat.

DB: Awwww!

AO: My secret is Ephesians 1:17-18. I spend a lot of time praying this prayer. Please encourage your beautiful followers to try it.

DB: I will. Do you have any last words to leave to any Woman reading this?

AO: Women say this a lot, that “all men are cheats”. Some Say no matter what they do for the men they still cheat. Firstly, I chose him over a very rich dude who resided in the US, because as I prayed about the Two (2) of them, I had a confirmation about him. Please, in this era – if you don’t PRAY about your partner and you rely on the so called ‘Love’ you think you share, you would be marrying your enemy in the end.

Before we married, we prayed together about our plans and told God, that if we are not for each other, He should let His will be done. We loved ourselves but we were ready for God’s will to be done.

I also TALK to my husband a lot. I ask him about what makes men cheat on their wives and I don’t joke with his answers. I ask him to tell me things to do to attract him. He also tells me, so COMMUNICATION is another key. Finally, his phone is mine and mine is his, since there’s nothing to hide… And he knows my every single movement. We don’t stop each other from being generous to friends and family.

DB: How did you get the CONFIRMATION that, Sammy, indeed, was your husband?

AO: When we were praying about us, his big brother died around the same time painfully. I met him only once before he died. Then I had a dream. In the dream, he gave me money, a huge amount of money to be given to his mum and bro, and then asked me to take very good care of them. So I took the money and asked him how they would believe it’s really from him since even his mum was not my friend. He then gave me a piece of cloth to be shown as proof. So I woke up from the dream. I later had another dream, that I had taken the money to them and showed the piece of cloth to them. His mum went inside to bring a cloth and it was a piece of it. She hugged me and I finally woke up.

So I called Sammy in the morning and told him everything. After describing the cloth to him he said that was the cloth they used to cover him in his coffin. I called my pastor and he said, the young man is your husband.

That very year, we got married.

DB: Interesting!

AO: Yes

DB: Say something nice to your husband

AO: I wonder what would have happened to me if I was married to someone else. People say I’m very difficult to live with, but he sees the opposite of that. I THANK him for taking me just as I am. He picked me from nowhere and has made me somebody. I appreciate him. I’m proud of him and I will always love him. As for being submissive, it started from day one of our friendship, and it’s going to be forever.

DB: Thank you very much, Mrs.

AO: Thanks a lot Dave.

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