I just want my BJs

He wants his wife to study his manliness thoroughly, with so much interest. And watch how it grows and changes in shape and form: Examine the quality of its texture, explore on it with her tongue and celebrate the feel of his warm stream exploding from the rock of Gibraltar.

He wants to feel loved this way too. – DBM



Facebook Guy (FG): D

David Bondze (DB): Yes please

FG: You good?

DB: I am doing alright, thanks. How are you doing?

FG: Wonderfully fantastic here

DB: Lol!

FG: Hehehehehe

DB: Hmmmm!

FG: Why ‘Hmmmm’?

DB: Because you seem excited bi

FG: I am. I am chatting with you. For the first time, I want to also experience how true your platform is. So, I am volunteering

DB: Thank you for in-boxing me

FG: My pleasure bro.

DB: Have you read the conversations I have had so far?

FG: All of them

DB: Okay?

FG: Great SEX is the answer

DB: No! I was asking what you make of the conversations

FG: Oh, great. They all addressed different issues. Important issues. But one word kept surfacing in all the narratives bro: S E X!

DB: How long have you been married?

FG: For a while now. My wife might be reading so please, no specifics

DB: Okay!

FG: Yes

DB: You love your wife?

FG: Very much.

DB: Okay.

FG: On second thought, my wife should read this. You asked for an open discussion, right?

DB: Yes please

FG: I have been married for 19 years, Three (3) months

DB: That’s a long time

FG: I got married when I was 32 years old

DB: I see. And, how has the journey been thus far?

FG: My only regret now on this journey with my wife is, we did not compare maps, before undertaking this eternal journey

DB: So, you are in for the long haul?

FG: Do I have a choice?

DB: Hmmmm! The tone of this conversation is changing. Are you happy in your marriage?

FG: God has been good.

DB: Are you happy in your marriage?

FG: Happiness is a choice, Dave. My wife takes very good care of the home. The kids are amazingly doing great. Life goes on.

DB: Are you pleased with your wife?

FG: I love my wife

DB: I heard it the first time. But, does she please you?

FG: In a couple of ways, yes

DB: Tell me about your sex life with her

FG: Nothing to write home about.

DB: Okay!

FG: And I have endured it for the past 19 years, and still enduring it.

DB: It’s that bad with her?

FG: I don’t feel like a man when I have sex with my wife.

DB: Does she know you are this dissatisfied sexually?

FG: She knows, and I’m tired of complaining.

DB: Why are you tired? You’re not getting what you want, and she is to be blamed – to some extent, or?

FG: Dave, placing blame in marriage is like saying, ‘my side of the boat is sinking’. She doesn’t like what I like. I can’t force it on her.

DB: I see. What isn’t she doing right with you?

FG: I need and love my blow-jobs, but she is not into blow jobs, because it disgusts her.

DB: I see

FG: She doesn’t love too much sex. She would have sex with me once a week.

DB: And, when did she start serving you those once a week menu?

FG: After the birth of our first child.

DB: How many kids do you have?

FG: Four (4)

DB: What is she into then?

FG: Cuddling

DB: Just that?

FG: She gets wet and orgasm just by cuddling

DB: And cuddling is not your thing?

FG: Which guy, in their right senses, wants to just cuddle to feel potent?

DB: Hmmm!

FG: No, be honest with me

DB: Cuddling is my love language too.

FG: Smh

DB: I want to ask a question, but I don’t know how to ask it

FG: Am I cheating on my wife?

DB: Thank you for asking it.

FG: I have never cheated on my wife before. We’ve been married for over 19 years, and have been together for 21 years. Never in the 21 years.

DB: Wow!

FG: Am I proud of it? I don’t know. Because I am not happy when in the bedroom with her.

DB: Hmmm!

FG: That’s the truth, Dave. I’m just enduring till she can have mercy on me.

DB: Have you considered finding pleasure outside of your marriage?

FG: A million times

DB: What stops you?

FG: The fear of God. My vows to my wife. The kind of spirit of manliness that I want to leave on the shadows of my sons – when I see them, and talk to them, and touch them, and play with them, and be with them when I return home to the family. All these actions are spirits we transfer into our children, as the heads of our homes… As their father. If I am cheating on my wife, and return to the family, acting all innocent and true, what spirit would I have carried along from whomever I was sleeping with, to add up unto what I am already depositing into their spirits? Lies, disrespect, unfaithfulness, deceit, etc.

DB: Hmmmm!

FG: My naked body only belongs to the woman who fell in love with my naked soul. My wife is my soulmate

DB: But she’s not meeting your every need. Does that not count?

FG: My needs count. Sex is hugely of importance to me. I want my blow-jobs. I want my daily, hardcore sex.

DB: But you ain’t getting any of that from her

FG: I am not. I eat from her pot, once a week, and it’s not a balanced diet.

DB: So?

FG: But, I have found the one whom my soul loves – in my wife.

DB: Marriage, I know is a gift, which should be opened up and gladly enjoyed. You are NOT entirely happy sexually. For how long are you going to be tolerating her?

FG: I pray that God will touch her heart someday, to have mercy on me.

DB: I wish you happiness

FG: My happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something I do not have (good sex), but rather, the recognition and appreciation of what God has blessed me with now. Dave, I am not happy about a lot of things, but I’m grateful for a lot of things.

DB: Is your wife sexually pleased with you?

FG: She is

DB: How do you know?

FG: Dave, if you know, you know

DB: But how do you know? Tell me, please

FG: For the most women I had been with before meeting my wife, the best aphrodisiacs were my words. Just words! The right, sweet, true words, still works on my wife today. The G-spot is still in a woman’s ears. Any immature, lazy, undisciplined man, looking for it below there (in-between her thighs) is wasting his mouth and time. Why would my wife climax just in a cuddle? Dave, if you know, you know.

DB: I’m on a suspended breath right now. I don’t even know what to say

FG: Say ‘Thank you’.

DB: Thank you!

FG: You are most welcome

DB: Hmmm! Any last words?

FG: I want my wife to have mercy on me. Just as I help her to feel satisfied, I would be very happy if she could make attempts to at least, try to please me sexually too.

DB: Madam, please if you are reading this, you need to understand that, what your husband is saying to you – matters to him. Kindly listen to your husband.


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