I feel unappreciated

Dear Beatrice, I know you are mad and disappointed in me. I am not trying to explain myself to you at home because you are still angry. I deserve every ounce of it. I am deeply sorry. Maybe I went about with this whole thing the wrong way. But I am being truthful when I tell you I wasn’t having sex with her. I am not disputing the fact that we went to the hotel twice every week. And we have been going there for the past few months.
When you came to the hotel room and knocked, were we naked when I opened the door? We were still dressed even though we had been in the room for an hour and 15 minutes. Her friend manages the hotel, and gave us that room to always come and talk whenever we felt like meeting.

I cannot express all the regrets I have been feeling since you found out about my meetings with her. But you have to believe me; we don’t meet to have sex. We meet to talk as friends. She is also married and feeling abandoned by her husband. We discuss things I should be discussing with you. How a man can make his woman happy and how a woman can make her man happy. Beatrice, you don’t make me happy as your husband. That’s why I decided to rather live by myself than with a wife who doesn’t appreciate me. I chose the company of a TV over you at home; I chose to spend 4 hours a week, talking with my new friend rather than you.

Beatrice I love you, that is why I always treat you with the highest respect in front of our children so our son can grow and become part of the generation that honors and respects women. I love talking to the lady. She makes me feel important and heard. I need you to understand that it has nothing to do with sex. We love to exchange ideas and just talk with no strings attached. We have a ground rule that if any of us start catching feelings, we would put a stop to our meeting.
We have done 8 months and we are both in line. She loves her husband and children. I love you, and I’m not going to stop these meetings. I just need you to trust me. I will trust you if you find someone to also be talking to. I will stay at home with the kids if you have to also go out. It’s all about planning. If you are calm and decide to talk with me at home, let me know.

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