I can’t forgive myself

I was 9 and you were 34 years. My family was comfortable with you because we saw you as an uncle. Mom would cook and bring you some of the food. So we became like family.

I called you Uncle though you weren’t my bloodline. I could go on errands for you and all. But you decided to defile me. And when I even struggled with you, you ended up giving me scars which have never healed.

Though I was a kid, I knew what you have done. Dad was furious and got you arrested. 15 years done the lane and here I am dealing with PTSD.

How I wish you were out of this world. You hurt me so much that I can’t forgive myself. Anytime I see the marks on my skin, I hate myself the more.

You made me less of a female. I ended up cutting myself not because I want to die, but because I want to forget the pain. I have withdrawn myself from all social life because I feel misfit.

Though many years have passed, I can’t even fall in love with the thought that I’d be defiled.
Thanks for leaving me with all these scars. It’s unfortunate you have three girls now. I pray they don’t go through what you did to me.

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