I am not jealous

Hello Dave, hope you are doing well. I have a challenge which I hope you or your numerous followers can help me with.

From way back, I know the primary responsibility of a man is to take care of the home financially by providing everything the family needs.

Fulfilling that responsibility to a large extent makes the man feel content inwardly and it boosts the man’s self-esteem.

However, we live in times where there are ladies who earn far above what their men earn. Thus they can easily look after themselves, the home and even sometimes their men.

When a man finds himself in such a situation, what should be his demeanour, attitude and disposition at home since he seems to have been emasculated? What can a man do in such a situation to earn the respect and his place in the home as the head of the family?

I find myself in a situation like this and I would love to know your opinion and that of the ladies here as to how a man can still retain his status at home even if the wife earns far more than he does.

I am not jealous of my partner and I don’t wish her bad, the issue is sometimes, there is this feeling of inadequacy or that I can easily be dispensed due to the fact that I do not meaningfully contribute to her status in life now.

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