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HIV Mystery

I am not here to blame anyone. I am just trying to be realistic here. I am seeing this girl that I love. We have been together for more than a year.

Even though I am in love with her, I make sure we always use condoms during sex. Cunnilingus is one thing I enjoy with my woman and that is the only thing I do raw because it’s oral. But aside that, penetrative sex is done with a condom on.

I am cautious of this because I am a happily married man and I care about my wife. 2 weeks ago, my woman told me she is HIV+ and she felt her sugar daddy gave it to her. I didn’t know about any sugar daddy. I thought I was the only one with her; still I wasn’t bothered because I used protection with her during intercourse. I discussed with my doctor and he asked me to get tested. I did and it came out positive.

Dave, I am shocked because I always use condoms outside the home. I intend getting a second opinion to see my result again at a different facility. Before I knew about my status though, I had been suspecting my wife to be chatting someone she didn’t want me to know about because I check her phone whenever she is asleep.

And there is this guy she deletes her conversations with all the time. I am not shifting blames but Dave, could it be that it could have been my wife who might have infected me? Because she is the only person I do raw sex with. And that is because I trust her with my life.

Do I tell her to get tested or I wait till she brings the subject up herself? I am pissed right now because I don’t know how else I could have been infected. Please cover my identity Dave. My wife is part of some of the social media groups who discuss your posts.

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