I have dated this beautiful lady for the past three years. She is older than I am but we love each other dearly despite the disparity in age. She is 9 years older that I am but still looks beautiful. My family doesn’t want me to marry her because they said she is older than me. When my mum asked of her age, I deliberately reduced it and said she is 6 years older than me.
My mum doesn’t approve our relationship hence doesn’t want me to marry her. My uncles and elder sisters are not in support. My biological father is no more so my uncle is more like a Dad to me.

I have consistently told my mum and uncles as well as my siblings that I love the lady despite the disparity in age and want to marry her.
I have spoken with my family several times on this matter yet they are still not in support. I am really disturbed as well as the lady. I have been advised to break up with her yet I’m unwilling to budge to their pressure. I have clearly stated my stance to my parents and family that I sincerely love this lady despite their objection. None of my immediate family members are in support of my relationship. I am disturbed because the lady seems to be losing interest because of the attitude of my family. I’m 30, she is 39.

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