He’s not the same man I married

I am married to an influential personality in Ghana. I fell in love with him because he preaches The Word of God so well. I also liked him because he made me feel special when he showed interest in me, many years ago. I was a ‘nobody’, but he still loved me just the way I was.

A few months after our wedding, he started letting me in – on his dealings and contacts. I realized all his close friends were the extremely rich, popular (famous) people in society. He didn’t really, genuinely associate with the congregation that didn’t have a name, status or money.

He is so concerned about his image, that, should any member of no class or rank, fall into trouble and would need his help, he is/was never available. He withdraws physically and emotionally, sometimes, for the people to realize he is really not going to be anywhere near them and their troubles. He would only send a prayer from afar. A prayer he knows he never prayed from the heart, because he didn’t care.

I fell in love with a man who loved the poor, because I was financially not able. I didn’t have anything to attract a man like him. I don’t know if he married me because of my looks – just to compliment his image, or he truly loved me?

Dave, he is always there for the rich and famous. His prophesies to them have always been that to keep them in his inner circle, because he is always receiving from them.

I have witnessed a total disconnect from the example (Christ) that he claims to be following. He is a people pleaser. I don’t like the man I am married to, though – he makes life very comfortable for me and the kids. If I can see his way of life, then my kids see it too, and I fear they may grow up to be just like him, because they are really close to their dad.

His character has taken the love out of me for him. And, I feel like a hypocrite anytime I have to always do things for the poor not to also think the same thoughts I have of my husband. I am free with everyone, and I help others from my heart; however, I have realized I help others I know my husband wouldn’t help or be close to, just to cover him in their eyes.

My husband only cares about what he sees, thinks, knows and believe to be right. No one else’s opinions are any better. My heart isn’t into him or the marriage anymore. I can’t talk to any of the members in our Church, because they all look up to me. The few pastors and Bishops I could go to, all are his friends and support his every action. I don’t know whom to talk to.

I don’t love my husband anymore.

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