He was difficult to look at

“Dave, I’m seeing your recent post on the husband whose wife has gained weight after childbirth. It brings back memories. You see, my baby’s father left me because I gained too much weight after having our son. I really tried to lose it, really tried. Went to the gym every day, cut down meals, everything! The weight just didn’t go! The only thing I haven’t tried yet is surgery, and that’s only because I don’t have the money for it.

He made it clear my weight was a problem, he even told his family this same thing. He couldn’t be with me because I was too fat. I can confidently say that I brought a lot to the table, I supported him through some things, encouraged him and prayed for him. In the end he left me for a “skinny” girl. All I can say is he needed an excuse to leave, and that’s ok with me. I’ve stopped trying too hard to lose weight. I eat healthy to avoid any unwanted diseases. I’d rather stay single than ever try to change myself for a man: it’s not worth it. This guy wants to leave his wife, let him leave.

And oh, I forgot to add that my Ex was ugly and had a really small dick. The sex was horrible too. My friends and family even told me he was not presentable, but I always ignored them. I loved him regardless, because I wasn’t interested in looks. One day after finding out he was going around talking about my weight, I let him know that he was difficult to look at. He was hurt.”

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