He wakes at dawn to chat her

“Dave, something is not right in my marriage. My husband has been waking up most dawns – to chat with another woman. I recently found that out, but I had been missing his absence in bed anytime I woke to urinate at dawn. He is not sleeping with the woman, but he tends to be sharing everything going on in his life with her. A few days ago, I overheard him tell her, ‘he wishes she was close’.

We don’t have any real problems going on in our marriage, however, I feel this could be a problem soon. Another thing I’ve realized is, he pursues me for sex mostly after he had had chats on WhatsApp with her. He’s always hard when talking to, or chatting with her.

Our marriage is just Six (6) years old, and I love him. I have tried everything he desires of me, I am believing I please him. Do I confront him or mind my own business? The other lady is married to my husband’s good friend, and I don’t want to start any unwanted dramas between us. She manages to get up at dawn also, to entertain my husband’s calls and texts, while her husband is asleep.

I visited her just last Christmas, and she had left her Ipad open to use the washroom. I looked on it, tried calling my husband’s number with it, and she had saved his number as “Adwoa”. I read a few of their chats and it seems like they both are into each other, but are afraid to take any further steps for now, because they are both married.”

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