He Turned

“Good evening, David.

I’d want to know your opinion: My husband had been unemployed for three years, and we both had been figuring ways out of our means to find him a job. I made a few contacts to contact their contacts about possible job vacancies. Thankfully, one came through that well-matched my husband’s specifications and qualification. He passed all three interview sessions successfully, and was offered an employment opportunity.

Two months ago was his first day at work, and he tells me he was given an official tour of their facility and was formally introduced to the staff and showed his office. He was told to acquaint himself with his new environment that day, so he could begin actual work the following day. My husband was very excited about his new challenge and was really looking forward to making a difference and adding on to the expertise. The evening of his first day while driving home, his boss called his phone and asked him not to return the following day. He was fired, just like that.

He went back to the place the following day for explanations, and his dismissal was officially told him in the face. His position had even been filled by another man. He got a phone call from his Ex-boss again that morning while returning home, and according to my husband, the man said he fired him because he took the love of his life (Me) from him. All that while I had no idea who his boss was. I saw a picture of the boss and he was an Ex-boyfriend I was with, 16 years ago before meeting my husband.

My husband is mad at me because it was through my contacts’ contacts that got him that job, and he’s blaming me for indirectly, making a mockery of him – by setting him up with my Ex. He’s mad at me also because I had never mentioned ever dating that particular guy. My husband now hangs around liquor spots to while away time. He used to not be like that. He comes home very late, and sleeps in the guest room. It’s been over a month now since he turned. And, he’s stopped wearing his wedding ring.

How do I handle the situation?” – From PE

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