He took my surprise away from me

My story should be the very reason why NO LADY ought to marry an excessive drinker. According to my brothers and sisters in-laws, my husband had planned a very beautiful concept to propose to me. They had worked everything out to the very last detail to surprise the living hell outta me, and then BOOM: this Siaaaa Boy, one Friday evening, after hanging out with whomever, came knocking on my door, drunk.

One of his colleagues actually drove him over to my place… Wasted!

He started sleep/drunk talking, telling me all about his secret marriage proposal plan with his siblings. Dave, the ANNOYING part of it all was when, before falling flat on his face in my bedroom, whispered,

‘Make sure you don’t tell anyone, okay?’

I married him but I wasn’t the least surprised when he and his siblings happily ‘surprised’ me. I wasn’t even in the mood that day, because the moment he activated the plan into motion, I could remember each process verbatim. Till date, anytime I smell alcohol on his breath, I get angry… Because it reminds me of how he drunk his senses off, ruining the very one beautiful experience I would have loved to remember forever.

His drunk Ass took my surprise away from me. – From CO

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