He proposed marriage to me on a handkerchief

My husband is not romantic at all, that’s why I am sharing his warp proposal to me. We’re both followers of your page, so he’s definitely going to mirror this story. Dave, can you believe this dude slipped me his used, nasty and dirty handkerchief in an examination hall, while writing an end of semester exam? Meanwhile, we hadn’t met or talked before.

‘Hi, you’re very beautiful. My name is Obeng, and I think I really like you.’ He had written on it.

Smfh! He pissed me off eh… Because that foolish act nearly got us into trouble. Our examination papers were nearly cancelled that day. Our only luck was the foolish message on the handkerchief. That message, saved us. The officiating examiners/invigilators read the information on the ‘foreign material’, and then concluded – it wasn’t an ‘Apor’.

Six (6) years after that fiasco, we had become very good friends. My Dad invited him over to his office for a chat (Dad was trying to hook him up to a new job vacancy in his friend’s company). I work in my dad’s company, so I saw him when he came around.

After his meeting with my father, I joined them in my Dad’s office, and Obeng pulled a clean handkerchief this time, from his pocket. He handed it to me in the presence of my father. I wasn’t pissed this time but was just wondering what he was up to again that he couldn’t simply speak it:

‘You remember when I told you that I liked you? I really did! And now, I know why I am in love with you… So, I’m just asking, WILL YOU MARRY ME, PLEASE?’ It read.

I still keep this beautiful handkerchief in my safe-bag. It’s for keeps, forever. And it still does smell good after all these years. – From BA

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