He proposed marriage to me in handcuffs at a police station

My husband and I dated for 14 years. We were close friends in JSS, and the friendship grew over the years. We started seeing ourselves as a couple in a relationship, when we both started our University education. He is the only man I have ever known. After University, I got a job. He couldn’t find any. He stayed at home with his parents for over four years. I was taking care of him at a point. I rented an apartment for us, tried to use my connections to get him a job but …

Then my boss’s brother visited him from London. He is a lawyer, and was single, and was interested in me. He wanted his brother’s company to work out certain details for his client in Ghana, and deliberately asked him to let me assist him during his visit. He made his interest in me so obvious, my boyfriend caught a glimpse of it. He became jealous. The lawyer knew I had a man in my life – but he felt because the man hadn’t been man enough to marry me, he had a chance. We spent a lot of time working together, and I began to like him.

I was invited to the police station one afternoon, and I found my husband in handcuff. He had gone to steal an engagement ring at a shop, and had been caught. He was still holding on to the ring because he had told the shop owner and the police that, I would pay for it. At the police station, he made me understand he was trying his best to find a job and then, marry me someday. But because he didn’t have any money, and was depending on me for everything, he couldn’t help it but to do something for me to know how much he loved me, even though he was unemployed.

He begged me not to give in to the lawyer – because he is a ‘working’ and an independent lawyer. He asked me to pay for the engagement ring, and keep it for the future, so when he is in the best financial position to pay me back, he would, and then, marry me. It was embarrassing but sweet of him also. I paid for the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He was kept at the police station for a few days, and then released.

Two years after that incident, he got a job. He saved enough money to pay me back for the cost of the ring, rented a bigger home for us, and then, married me. His proposal was what happened at the police station.” – From PA


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