He is caught up real hard

Dear David, my lawyer is telling me things that I feel he shouldn’t say to me. He became our family lawyer because of his association with my husband. They are schoolmates and best friends. I had an intuition that my husband was having an affair. He is the type who covers his every step because he doesn’t want to be caught. He deletes his messages and call history. Before he gets home, he stays in his car a few meters away from the house to do all whatever with his whores on phone before presenting himself spotless to me in the house.
My plan last year was to divorce him but I got pregnant. One of his whores called me on 14th February to inform me about their affair and pleaded for forgiveness.

She also asked me to help her with money to pay for her mother’s surgery. I told her to ask my husband since she was sleeping with him but she said he wasn’t forthcoming after she brought up the issue of money and thinks he has moved on with another woman. Dave, she was hurt when she was speaking. She felt used and I felt sorry for her. She told me she wants to teach my husband a lesson by hurting him for using her.
I told her to do as she pleases because I didn’t care about my husband anymore. March 8th, my husband was rushed to the hospital and left there by the woman who had brought him. I was informed to come over and Dave, my husband’s penis has been broken. According to the doctor, the woman who brought him in, after 8 pm said they were having sex and she accidentally sat and forced her weight on his penis while riding on top of him. He has had 4 surgeries and he is still not getting better.

He has been in so much pain since 8th March. He said the trauma effect of the bending of the erected penis broke not just the tunica albuginea. I don’t even know what the fuck it means but I don’t care. His doctor said he might die if care is not taken since the damage caused is irreparable. His mother and father came over and I told them I wanted a divorce after they had visited him at the hospital and been informed about his condition.
My lawyer is advising me not to file for divorce at this time because he thinks my husband needs me now the most. The truth is that I don’t want to be the wife taking the responsibility of caring for him at this moment. I can’t David, I’m pregnant and I have two other young kids. I can’t add my husband to it. His family is giving me pressure to forgive him but my heart is already out of the marriage. They are all making me look like the bad one and it’s already affecting my mental health. What do I do?

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