He is always walking naked in the house

“Good morning, David. How are you? I’ve been married for Five (5) months and I am already beginning to have serious issues with my husband.

He is always walking naked in the house. He wouldn’t even wear a boxer short. I find his behavior so uncomfortable. I have tried drawing his attention to it, but he claims it’s his home and that, he can choose to do anything.

He wants me to be parading myself naked at home too. Is this part of marriage?

Which part of my discomfort doesn’t he understand? And the other thing is, he always wants to have sex with me when he sees me even in my pantie. I don’t want to have sex every day. I don’t want to walk naked or see a naked man, every day at home.

I am not happy, Dave. Why should something like this even become an issue for him? Would he be walking naked when we have kids? Why start something he knows we cannot sustain? Am I nagging?”

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