He is acting too perfect

Hello Dave, please post me as anonymous. I have been married for 8 years and I can’t say I’m not happy. My husband is a very caring man and treats me with outmost respect. We have four children and they are his world. As a married couple, we have our down moments and sometimes it can go below the belt but he has never hit me or cheated on me so far as I can tell. I have a very successful business and I have been able to build two houses, one I put up for rent and the other we live in. It’s a very big house I must say.

His business on the other hand is not very successful so his contribution towards the upkeep of the home is minimal compared to mine. In fact, he contributed zero to the house we live in and the apartment but he lets people assume they belong to both of us. And I see nothing wrong with that because we are married.

If situations were reversed, maybe I would tell people same. My problem however is that, he has started acting too perfect for my liking. He doesn’t get angry anymore, we don’t fight anymore and I can try as much as possible to provoke him but no response. Afterwards, he even acts as the perfect gentleman and tries to please me.

This has got me really scared and got me thinking there’s something fishy going on. I don’t feel right about it at all. I’m scared, I won’t lie. I want to will my properties to my mum in case something should happen to me. He is acting as though he has been scripted a telenovelas series.Am I just paranoid? I’m going crazy or you think there is something fishy about his sudden 100 percent positive attitude.


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