Goodbye to infidelity

I think you are doing a wonderful job with your platform Mr. David. Maybe that is why I want to share my story for the first time on social media. I was one of those married men who underestimated the emotional ramification of my action outside my matrimonial home. I was also thinking if she doesn’t find out, it wouldn’t hurt her. So I had a few affairs to meet my needs. Cheating is wrong but I was doing it. Some of my close friends are married but do not value monogamy. Some also don’t care about the consequences.

I used to blame my ex wife for being the reason why I was having an affair. I had to have a reason to pin it on everyone else but me. I realized I was very wrong when I met my current wife. Her ex-husband was doing to her what I was doing to my wife. She found out and the hurt of it all caused her job. She didn’t have enough money to enable her separate from him, so she took a few of her valuables to sell to save money. She was pregnant with her second baby when I first met her. She was selling her fabrics to a store I was purchasing from.

The owner of the store had arranged with her to bring what she had for money. Luckily for me, she came at a time I was also buying. Her story touched my heart so I bought a few of hers even though I was sure I wasn’t going to need them. Maybe it was guilt, because I was doing the same thing behind my wife. We became friends and she asked me one day to help her find a divorce lawyer. I tried to say everything to convince her to give her husband another chance. Dave, it’s not easy breaking a family. I would never have divorced my ex wife if she hadn’t demanded for a divorce. I loved her but ended up messing her up.

I was cheating on my ex because I had gotten bored in our marriage. I wanted fun in my life again. I missed the thrill and chase. So I thought the flings here and there with other women were the spicing elements to our marriage because I was responsible when I got home. When my wife divorced me, I found sense. Two years after my divorce, I started finding my current wife attractive and did not want to be only friends with her. She laid her cards on the table when I made my intentions clear to her. She would walk out on me if I ever cheat on her.

She gave me a week to think about her requirement. It was a fair deal for me because I could try it. I tried and still trying after 7 years of marriage. I have moved past infidelity and have moved on to become a better man. I am enjoying my marriage Dave; all because I learnt how to honor love and my words to the people I care about. And I think I care about my wife so much. I am willing to be the man she can trust with her eyes closed.

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