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“I like chance meetings, life is full of them. Everyday, without realizing it, I pass people whom I should know. At this moment, in this cafe, we’re sitting next to strangers. Everyone will get up, leave, and go on their own way. And they’ll never meet again. And if they do, they won’t realize that it’s not for the first time.” – Krzysztof Kieslowski


“My guy, I must admit that I like my clothes very clean, however, I don’t like to wash. So one day I was looking for some washer-women in my hood, and so I asked from a woman selling Koko. She directed me to where I could find them and asked me to come back if I couldn’t find them. On my way, I met this fine lady. I told her she looked familiar and she said she helps her mother sell Koko, so that might be where I might have met her. If you saw her dressing and how beautiful she looked…

Well, I didn’t find them and returned to the Koko seller to inform her. She then said she could make her domestic assistant (who was recently brought from the village) to come and do the laundry for me so I can tip her. I agreed. Then her daughter (who I had met a few minutes earlier) got there. She asked her daughter to come and know my house so that they could trace the girl if she couldn’t find her way back. On the way, they were gossiping about me in Ewe. They thought I had lived all my life abroad and didn’t understand Ewe, because I was taking pictures of everything and anything I saw with my then ‘new toy’. A digital camera I had bought from Amazon.

I pretended I didn’t understand what they were saying. When we got home, I asked if she’d do the washing upstairs or downstairs in Ewe, and for the life in them – they were just staring at each other and couldn’t answer. Then I said I’d bring the stuff downstairs.

A few moments later, I went downstairs to buy something and there was the beautiful lady washing my stuff together with her domestic assistant. I asked why and she said she thought she could help her do it quickly so they return together. I was very impressed and suggested I could also prepare brunch so we all eat.

That lady became my wife eight months later. The Koko seller is my mother-in-law today, and we’ve counted 13 years already, and are still counting! My mother in law later told me ‘she knows good stuff when she sees them’ Lol! I was later told I was the first young man my father in law allowed to come in and sit and offered a drink to, in his house! He said I was the type he wanted around his daughter. He passed a year ago and had no regret in giving his daughter’s hand in marriage to me. He blessed us before passing on…

Bro, that’s how I met my wife. I am hoping a lot more of us out there wouldn’t be looking down on small beginnings. See prospects in men and support them to build a future together, and they shall forever enjoy their homes.” – From EE

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