God will see you through

I have never written to you on any issue though I have been a follower for a long time. Hmmm, I don’t even think I am at the perfect stage in life to write this message to you.

I hope that I don’t find myself deleting this post before I send it. I always see people write “Pray and ask God to help you” or “find a way to deal with it since other women always find ways and are still with their husbands”. That is when they catch their husband cheating.

This statement puts so many thoughts to my mind. You see, when you are going through any form of marital crisis, as a woman know to be emotional, your first reaction is to cry and not even find the peace of mind to live, reason ,eat or sleep not to think of pray.

Secondly, it feels like men around notice that there is an issue and they start knocking on your door for a relationship. You may decline initially but I have had so many instances where my I felt like “Do it with him, it may give you a relief”.

Honestly, it’s not easy to completely stay put if your partner keeps shunning you for another woman or makes you feel less of yourself and makes other women feel better.

You and I know from your posts that some women go to the extent of even feeding their husbands with their own “Poop” to get a relief.

I really wish that the people who say “Relax God will see you through or find a way” will give us detailed steps to deal with it. Can you help me because some of us would really love to know.

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