Girlfriend or Sister

Dave, my husband has saved a girl’s name with his sister’s name for quite some time now.

All along, I thought it was his sister but guess what happened this evening; he travelled and came back very tired so he has been sleeping since he arrived.

I got to the room only to see his sister calling intermittently with this other number. I got curious because she hasn’t done such before. After talking to his sister, the other number kept calling, then a message pop up and in my mind, why will she call again after I just spoke to her.

Then I became suspicious and read the message. Apparently, they were supposed to meet this evening and he couldn’t make it so the girl was angry. I then decided to check her number on True-caller and realized she is not even someone I know and decided to chat her like my husband.

Dave, the revelation I got during the chat, Oh my. Dave, can you believe he has been having sex with this girl unprotected, plus the last time they made out was just last week, last week, eeii nipa (mankind).

I’m pregnant at the moment and the way my heart is beating, I don’t know what to do. I have screenshot everything plus the pictures she sent me during the chat, sent it to myself and cleared everything on his phone.

I need to get this out of my chest but how? A whole lot of ugly thoughts are running through my mind and I don’t know how best to handle this.

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