GHC7000 house husband?

Hi David, I need you to just tell me what you think of what I am about to say. I earn more than my husband. In fact, 10 times more than what he brings home at the end of the month.

I enjoy being his wife to the extent that, though I should be the one with a busy schedule and often out of the house, I make sure I get home before 6:30 pm to cook for the house and attend to the children. I make time for my husband and myself. I call to check on my husband and children every day. I get to do all these even with my busy schedule. I do not entertain needless phone calls when I am home with the family after work.

I believe home should be dedicated to, with everything in the home including the people living and making the home a place to live. I earn over Ghc22, 500 a month.

I make enough money for our family and I try my best to ensure we are all comfortable.Dave, can you believe my husband comes home late, always using his job as an excuse? And the time he spends on his phone when he is home.

I don’t get a fraction of his time spent on other things. I don’t know what his problem is. I don’t stress him, I don’t remember the last time I asked him to buy me a thing. I respect him, I do the best I can for all of us including his siblings and parents.

And I don’t complain doing these because they are family. Would it be wrong to ask my husband to quit his job, to be a stay at home Dad and husband to me when I am home?

He earns less than Ghc4000. I want him to stay home so I pay him a monthly salary of Ghc7000. It wouldn’t change anything. I will still be home on time to prepare food for the family.

I just need him to spend more time with his children and wife. I want him to partake in the responsibilities of our household.

My husband has ego issues so I want to know from the men on your platform, how to propose such decision to a man with so much pride.

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