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They used to talk about things they’d do in the future, without realizing they were actually talking about their future together. It wasn’t weird for them to be talking about their favorite movies and books, and food, and colors and songs, and …. And …

Did it even matter? Because he was always going to be around to experience those moments with her. – DBM  


“My wife is a movie aficionado. Her leisure time is always devoted to watching movies and TV series’. She had been this way years back. She plans her life and schedules in such a way that, she’s able to create two hours, every day, to watch a movie. We were very close friends during our tertiary education. Those were the days Man used movies to ‘corn’ fine girls. Lol!

That is to also inform you that, my wife is one fine girl. That said, I watched ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ years ago, and thought it would be one perfect movie to send to her. So, I picked her at work for lunch one afternoon, and then started narrating the whole movie to her. She was ‘all over the place’ after hearing my version of it – that she asked me to get her a copy to watch. I gave my laptop to her to take home and return it to me the following day.

We had been dating for Four (4) years, though been good friends for Nine (9). She watched the movie, and loved it as usual. The joy in her eyes anytime she tried to explain why certain characters had to take certain actions, and the sudden analyst she became because of Dante’s masterfully executed plan to revenge against the people who harmed him. She also loved the part where Mercedes discovered that Dante’s was The Count of Monte Cristo, and had to appeal to his mercy – to spare her son’s life, when the two were supposed to fight a duel… Smh!

I traveled to the UK on an assignment and the only thing she wanted me to bring back to her was an original copy of the book, ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by Alexandre Dumas. She believed a book covered more details to a story than the two-hour movie would. There was a scene in the movie she loved so much and wouldn’t stop talking about. She wanted to read how words were used in describing that particular scene, in the original book. Her enthusiasm after watching the movie inspired me to also read the full book when I bought it. I read the chapter she was looking forward to reading. I had to come back to read that chapter all over again, after I finished reading the book.

It was in that solemn moment that I asked myself what/who I wanted to be in her life; just a boyfriend or more! I wanted to be more. I loved the idea of raising kids with her. I loved the idea of waking up next to her every day, without any shred of doubt. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for marriage, but then, I wanted to marry her.

I wrote a note on a small piece of paper and placed it at the end of that chapter she was so eager to read from the book:

“Serwaa, I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and I don’t know if you feel the same way too. I know you love me, but will you marry me?”

Did she ever finish reading the book after that chapter? Because the next moment after ‘that’ moment was a wedding planning conversation upon conversation. We’ve been blessed with Three (3) lovely kids.” – From LJQ

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