From TSP to lovely Amy

David Mbir, permit me to speak to my Amy.
My dear Amy,
I love you. And I’m actually smiling writing this letter because I know the first thing you are going to do after reading about you on David’s page. You will call me and scream. You will laugh without saying anything else. You will say “awww sweetheart” and then cry. You will thank me and tell me, “I love you Thomas” before dropping the call. I was candidate no.13 in waiting. You were part of the hiring team to be interviewing us for the job. I thought you looked familiar when I entered to meet the panel.

I had brought enough materials for the entire panel. During the interview, I was engaging all of you equally but you because I realized you weren’t wearing a wedding band on that finger. Amy, to be honest, I wasn’t interested in the job interview when I set my eyes on you. I wanted to impress you. That was why I took a conversational approach to all of your follow up questions. I think you realized that. No wonder I did not get the job. The panel realized it too.
In addition to responding to the panel’s last line of inquiries, you asked if I had any question for the interviewers. Of course, I had two questions for you. I was interested in demonstrating that. I didn’t know where I was going to meet you again. Are you single? Do you mind if I take you out sometime.

Everybody in the room gasped. Before you answered my question, you told everyone in the room you would excuse yourself from the decision making on my candidature because yes, you were single and you didn’t mind going on a date with me. I allowed my intention to be true at the interview because Amy, you were the woman whose respect I was trying to gain in the room. I went there for a job interview but I left with you as my date.
Till date, I still take special interest in every aspect of your day to day. I reply to your text and other messages on time. I pick up my phone to talk to you whenever you call. I am still the first to say hello and ask about how you are doing every single day. Even after 11 years of marriage, I am interested in only you. That’s why I do not go looking for time in my busy schedules to fix you in, I make time for you.

I Thomas, promise on David Bondze Mbir’s platform to commit myself to you, Amy as your husband, to learn and grow with, to explore and adventure, to respect you my dear wife in everything as an equal partner, in the foreknowledge of joy, pain, strength, weariness, direction, and doubt for all the rising and settings of the sun and to be faithful to only you, forsaking all other beautiful women. Let my 12 years of fidelity to you; represent our trust in each other and our combined strength together. I will be waiting for your call.

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