Forever in my heart

Hello Dave, I’m your follower and want to send message to someone based on your current trend. I’m writing this to a special someone. I call him Tele.
Dear Telemo, when we met I was shattered and broken beyond repairs. You showed me unconditional love at our psychiatry affiliation grounds. I never believed in true love till you showed up and sometimes I thought it was all dreams. We were so much in love that people were amazed how we bonded that easily.
You gave me hope; I remember when I visited you in Tamale the same day we left Ankaful. We had plans to settle down and have a family but then there was a huge obstacle, we had different religious backgrounds so it was difficult to move on. It was three years already but we needed to make the bold step and end things. Someone made his intentions known to my family to marry me without even my consent because I didn’t even know him. He was from my hometown and knew my family well.

I had to move on because our fate was blurred, but then he realized I was much into you so we had to end it. I moved on with a different person and you did same. However, we were all broken. We planned to come back again but we had issues with the religion our children will follow.
Tele, I know there is someone in your life and I don’t wish to come in between but then I want you to know I love you and I know you do too. I have never loved someone like the way I love you because you are the reason I can boldly say love is a beautiful thing. If I’m to come to this life again then hopefully I will pray to be a Muslim so you can be mine. I wish you well with her.

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