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I know a lot of you do not see your breakups coming. To you, everything was going great or could have gone great. When someone you love/d does not want to be in your life, please let them be. Do not force them, directly or indirectly to remain with you if they want out. Do not publicly humiliate them, even if you feel ‘used’. If you are genuinely not into them, don’t lure them in, get what you need and then, dump them. Both sexes do this a lot and it’s just not right.

Some of you too are still doing any and everything to prove your worth to guys and ladies who only see you as one of their options. If I have learned anything from my past, that would be, if a relationship ENDS, most times, it was meant to END! You’re not missing out on anything new if your Ex seems to be excited on social media or is dating a fine image. Nothing really changes adults. People will always be people, and would probably be doing the same things you were used to. Only this time, you’re not in the picture with them.

You need to be nice to yourself. Bless your heart with your peace of mind, because if you’re meant to be with someone, you do not struggle to keep them in your life. You’d have no point to prove. You don’t fix you or them to keep that ‘love’ intact. If it’s yours to keep, you keep it anyways, in your good, your not so good, your ugly and awful. You’re not judged for who you are, you are not ridiculed or mocked. You’re not disrespected or abused. And most importantly, you’re not ignored.

Love keeps you close and near. Love sees you. Love loves you through it all. Just because he or she felt you aren’t right for them does not mean you’re not right for somebody else. You’re someone’s dream come true; their everything and more. Cheer up oooo, na what is in store for you nu, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, truer words haven’t been spoken of. You owe it to yourself to enjoy your love life. So if what you’re in or have ever endured doesn’t make you smile that smile that makes you want to smile right now, then what’s the point?

My dear, stop worrying and choose happiness, above all else. Well, unless you’re my favorite Cooked Gari and one day old light soup, with snails and mushrooms, okra and salmon, plus garden eggs and beef-Nam, not forgetting some elements of smoked, dried fish, then the answer is YES PLEASE, I can live without you.

I am making this post to encourage anyone feeling alone or abandoned:

Life goes on!

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