For 4 weeks she did not realise I was proposing marriage

My wife can be very clueless sometimes.

I proposed to her for Four (4) weeks, and she did not realize I was asking her to marry me. I asked a friend to print, ‘Will you marry me’ on Five (5) different T-Shirts (Green, White, Black, Pink and Yellow), which are all her favorite colors (thinking, it could give her clues as to why I kept wearing almost all of her favorite colors – in four weeks, back-to-back-to-back, any time I visited her at her home.

I indirectly even drew her attention to what was happening right in her face, by forcing her to take selfies with me, in my proposal shirts, with her own damn phone, so she could see what I was up to… But no! This chicka was rather adoring her pretty smiles and poses in the picture. She would worry about how she did not tweak her lips well in the selfie with me, and would delete picture after picture, and not see the information on my shirt. I spent over GHc 1,300 to get those shirts and had my proposal printed on them.

One evening, I was very sad, wondering whether or not I had even wasted my time and money trying to get her to SEE ME! I decided to wear my shirt for the last time, and then let it go – if she could not pay attention to me. We were at Circle, trying to get a Taxi, when one of the kids begging for money, held her hand, for money. She asked him to leave her hand.

Seconds later, I felt a tiny hand, holding my hand too, asking for money. I turned and it was that same kid. I took my wallet out, and then paused for a second to think. I dared him to read what was on my shirt – for GHc 20. This kid looked at it carefully, and then smiled:


My wife smiled lightly, and then began clapping for the little kid. She still did not understand what was going on. I gave the money to the little kid, and one of his sisters also started running after me, reading the inscriptions on my shirt. She cried:






I stopped walking, and took out Ghc 10 for her. Anyone who passed by us would laugh and not stop looking at us, shaking their heads. It was when we got in the taxi, that I think she took notice of my sad face, and had to read what was on my shirt again. Then she took out her phone, and started flipping through selfie after selfie, in her favorite colors of my choice of T-shirts. She burst into uncontrollable tears in the Taxi, and said.

“Yes, I will marry you, again and again and again and again and again:”

Each ‘again’ representing a color of shirt on which my proposal was on – to her. She kissed me so intensely, I shed a tear. I had to forgive her for not seeing me for four weeks. We’ve been married for Six (6) years this year. – From WG


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