What are your priorities when dating a married person? Do you think with your head or heart? Would it ever happen to you – for him or her to want to talk about his or her love for you, openly to the world? Would he or she be willing to want to walk in the sunshine with you and be proud of who they are, with you? – DBM


IC: Good morning, David.

David Bondze (DB): Good morning. How are you?

IC: I am fine. Dave, I don’t want this conversation to be your usual long chats. I just need you to be upfront with me, and also tell me you can somehow, understand me.

DB: What do you want to talk about, please?

IC: I’m a Christian lady, and I would want to believe I’m a good person.

DB: Okay?

IC: I’m seeing this married man that, I am very much interested in.

DB: Okay?

IC: He’s there for me, Dave, he is there for me always. And I know it’s so wrong on every level, however, it seems so right on another.

DB: I can understand you.

IC: Really?

DB: Really!

IC: Thank you, Dave. Thank you so much for understanding me. I really needed someone to understand me.

DB: You’re welcome.

IC: I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off me.

DB: The man you are having sex with, is not yours to keep. You cannot have him.

IC: I know, Dave. I know all that.

DB: Good! Because he has a wife who loves him more than you think you do.

IC: Hmmm!

DB: He’s another woman’s husband, and the fact that – that doesn’t mean anything to you, makes me worry about you.

IC: I think about all that, Dave. It bothers me sometimes.

DB: If you indeed do think about all that, then you should also know that, he does not respect you. He does not respect his wife either.

IC: He respects me. I know he respects me.

DB: But of course. Respect for you and your fellow woman is when a married man engages in an affair with you, right?

IC: Dave, I am not the married one here. He is. He is cheating on his wife, not me.

DB: But you know he’s married.

IC: Yes.

DB: So, what type of person do you think he’s indirectly, showing you by being with you too?

IC: I don’t know.

DB: Let me tell you about men: If he can do this to his wife with no remorse, he will think twice about nothing when he’s doing it to you too. You will be hurt in the long run.

IC: Well, I’m just enjoying the dick and the money and the attention. I’m not entirely stupid though. I know he will not leave his wife for me. That’s why I don’t get home with a wet pussy and an empty purse.

DB: You’re just a Hoefessional.

IC: A what?

DB: Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. I thought you said you’re a Christian?

IC: I am.

DB: Until you are married and it’s done to you, you wouldn’t appreciate the institution of marriage.

IC: Haven’t you made a mistake before, Dave?

DB: I have.

IC: So, why can’t I make mine? All the good men have been taken.

DB: There are single men out there. Why not try to find one who can dedicate his 100% of himself to only you, than engaging with this married man who only can be available to you when he sneaks off or lies to his wife?

IC: I’m tired of looking, Dave.

DB: How old are you?

IC: 29

DB: You are so young.

IC: 29 years old is young?

DB: Girl, you are so young.

IC: This is not the chat I wanted to have with you, Dave.

DB: I know. But I care about you.

IC: The man enjoys being with me. He says I make him happy. I get what I want too.

DB: Do you know his wife?

IC: No, and I really do not concern myself with his wife.

DB: Why not?

IC: It’s none of my business, Dave. It’s the man I am dealing with.

DB: I see.

IC: But who knows, she’s probably not enough for him in ways I satisfy him.

DB: He told you that?

IC: Not really. I’m just assuming. But he’s told me once that his wife is no longer that desirable to him anymore.

DB: He said that to you?

IC: Yes.

DB: Has he got any kids?

IC: Yes.

DB: Have you given him any kids?

IC: Oh, no. Why would I have a kid for a married man? Dave, if the wife was enough for him, would he have come looking for someone like me?

DB: Tell me about yourself.

IC: Lol! Oh, Dave. There’s not much to tell.

DB: The woman who you are ignoring and undervaluing, is just like you. If he married her, then she was or is pretty to him. She is or was attractive, and enough to, and for him. And I am certain, as the mother of his children, she’s doing everything possible to be his wife, and mother to their kids. So if you’re callous enough to be thinking she’s not worthy of his love and attention, then you’re mistaking.

IC: Dave, I am not the married one here.

DB: But you care about him, don’t you?

IC: I do.

DB: Protect him.

IC: Lol! Dave, how?

DB: End things with him.

IC: Why? Are you going to help me pay for my rent, and other bills?

DB: No! I do not have that much.

IC: I’m being taken care of.

DB: You don’t work?

IC: I do.

DB: Oh!

IC: Lol! Dave, you can be very dramatic. Lol!

DB: No matter how bad he may or not have painted things about his wife or home to you, she is still his wife. And you have no right to encroach on that.

IC: Smh!

DB: If he gives you money because he’s sleeping with you, and he ever denies to financially support his wife or the home, GOD will judge you both. If he’s giving his attention to you, and is denying his wife that same attention, GOD will judge the two of you. If he is speaking to you with respect, and he is being disrespectful and rude to his wife and kids at home, GOD will judge you all. If he is making you happy and causing his wife pain, and tears and unhappiness, GOD will judge the two of you.

IC: Dave, I think this chat is going too far.

DB: You’re a woman, and so I am expecting you to care about what you do to another woman, consciously or unconsciously.

IC: I’ve got to go.

DB: There are billions of men on this planet earth. Go after those without a legal wedding ring or bond.

IC: The love of my life might just be a married man. Goodbye.

DB: Your chances of happiness will hinge on a future that is highly uncertain. That is to say the least. Goodbye!

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