Everything has changed

Mr. David Bondze-Mbir, Happy New year. First time in your inbox with my story. I want to share with you because so far, I am enjoying your timeline.

My ex-wife introduced me to my wife. I used to be married to a medical doctor. I messed things up between us by cheating. A mistake I regret. She divorced me and moved on.

She has since been married with 2 additional kids. We had 2 children between us. We remained friends because I still care about her. We were chatting one day about our elder son when she mentioned a new patient she had encountered.

She was 31 years and hadn’t known any man till she was raped by a guy she thought she was dating. He was leaving Ghana to the UK the evening she was drugged and abused. By the time she woke up and had realized what had happened to her, he was out of the country.

She kept the incident to herself till she took seed. She wanted my ex to help her abort the pregnancy. Dave, it was the way my ex was describing her that I wanted to meet her. I gave over 1200 cedis to her to be given to the pregnant lady.

I was at work one day when she called to thank me. I told her about my need to meet her. She resisted, she did not trust being around men.

We continued chatting for months on phone. She called me on the 7th month to take her to the hospital. When I first saw her, she wasn’t my type. Dave, I love boobs, nyash and meat on body. She was bony and not so beautiful. That was my first impression. On our way home, I received a phone call from my boss to explain a portion of a complicated application.

I needed to read about it and call him back in 5 minutes because his presentation was in 20 minutes. We stopped by the roadside and I was hot. I had paid someone to put together the content. I called the person to help me but found out he had also outsourced the project to someone else.

He gave me the number of the person and I called. My wife’s phone rang. Long story short, she explained the concept and I was able to help my boss win a huge contract. Mr.Mbir that was the first time I realized beauty had nothing to do with face or body.

She was beautiful to me all of a sudden. When we got to her house, she was weak. I cooked, bathed her. Her mother visited her few days afterwards and I claimed responsibility for the pregnancy. I arranged with my family to ask her hand in marriage 3 months after the child was born.

It was a risk I took but I realized I liked her enough. She has been the nicest blessing I have ever received from God. In fact, my greatest testimony to God’s mercy and grace is the fact that he touched the heart of my ex-wife to discuss her patient with me.

This was something she never did even when we were married. Dave, in my weakest of days, days I have failed at something important, my wife has lifted me up and been there for me. She has supported and done for me what no woman has ever done. Cynthia is truly God’s call of wives, and nothing gives me joy and fulfilment like knowing that she is all mine to keep.

I will love my wife and be faithful to only her for eternity because she has made me strong enough to be the man that I know she can trust with all of her heart.

We have done 9 years and counting with three kids. I wish every single man can take an hour to have a conversation with a lady to find the beauty in their minds before making a decision to date. Just one hour to see beyond the physical appearance to find a helpmate and wife.

Dave,I have found favor in my career and life because I have a woman who brings me wisdom, ideas and good luck. Everything about me has changed.

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