Everything happens for a reason

“I had closed from school one Thursday, when I went home and found a lot of people in my house crying. I was Eight (8) years old then. I could see all my family members except my mother, and that was when I was told she had died in the morning. As a child I didn’t understand what it meant for someone to die, so I just joined them to cry. After a week my favorite Uncle came for me and that was when I got to know that the family I had been staying with all my life weren’t my biological family.
My real mother died in labor and I was given to my father’s younger brother, and the wife, since they had also lost a child. Now, I was with my real father and siblings with a step-mother. My step-mother treated us so badly. Those days, she would insert pepper, ginger and the rest inside my vagina, as a form of punishment and would threaten my sister and I never to tell our Dad. She would give us soup and leftover boiled yams, to take to school and would warn us not to tell our Daddy. This treatment lasted for like two years before we mustered courage to tell our elder sister, who in turn, told our dad.
My father divorced her and brought in another wife. She was better than the first one, because she would give us food, but for the beatings, hmmmm, that never changed. She would make me wash, scrub and do a whole lot in the name of training me, but it was too much chores for a child my age to be doing. My father saw it but couldn’t question her.
Fast forward, my father passed away on a Monday morning (I was about to write my BECE). All hopes was lost. We didn’t have a house of our own. My elder sister had to rent a place for us. All this while I never knew my real mother’s relatives. After my BECE, my real mum’s brother invited me for holidays and that was my first time I was treated like how I used to enjoy my childhood, until age 8. He welcomed me like a daughter. His wife took me like hers too. I actually started calling them ‘Mummy and Daddy’.
David, through these people I got to know what family meant, and also, love. I understood the love of Jesus. Today, I am a university graduate with Upper Class. I got a job right after my National Service. For my love life, hmmm, I started dating in Level 200, with guys disappointing me, almost with every experience – to the point that, I gave up on love, until one day – I took a bold step and asked you David, to help me post on your wall. Glory to God, that, that kind of man I needed was your friend and as I write this, we are in a relationship.
I want to use this #EverythingButOrdinary series to tell someone that no matter the process you go through they are all part to make your Story Glorious. If my father had not died, I wouldn’t have made it today (for that I know). God made me an Orphan because that was the only way I was going to make it to where I am. I know He loves me and I embrace everything that will come my way to my Glorious Story.
Thank You David” – From Georgina O O
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