Don’t give up on love

Dear J.Ab, I don’t know if you will see this but I just want to tell the world I wasn’t looking but I found you. You tried to get my attention for months till you finally gave up. We met on a business trip and the intension was not to fall in love but I can’t get over the fact that three days with you were the best moments I have had this year.I was broken to a million pieces from my past relationship and so were you. We have decided to take things slow so we are very sure about what we are doing.

I know one thing for sure, you are all I want and you complete me.
I’m rusty I know, but I’m still going to try to rekindle that love bits of me. I love how I love you and I am so glad I met you even after I gave up on love. You rock my world and I can’t wait to start this journey with you. I am glad you ex left because she gifted me with the best man on planet earth. Happy father’s day, the yin in my Yan.
If you are heartbroken or you have given up on love, please rethink, there are millions people out there who will make you happier and better than that ex you cry over. There is love out there, give someone a chance.
Your favorite babe, all others come after blue.

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