Dear Pasisialomo

Celebrating 8 years of friendship, one year in marriage and forever to go.
I remember the first time in my dm some 8 years back when you expressed shock about my full name because you had a classmate in primary with the same first and surname. When I saw the message, I didn’t even bother to reply because I saw it to be one of lame ways Facebook boys use to get a girl. But you caught my attention when I made a post some years back that I wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t expecting anyone to reply at that time of the night but you did and offered to pray with me after I told you I have been to the hospital but it still persist.

You prayed your heart out and I felt it. We quickly became friends and I couldn’t miss a day without talking to you because from a distance, I didn’t get the chance to see you until a year into our friendship. You were skeptical about our meeting because you thought I would be disappointed because you are short. The first time we meet was on tech campus; you prepared banku and swam okra stew which I appreciated because I wasn’t expecting it. When I got back to school, you sent me a message wanting us to date. I didn’t waste time in responding because more than sure, I knew I wanted you more.
I appreciate the fact that both of us had just come out from a painful relationship but were ready to give love another try. I remember one day I received a box parcel on campus and when I opened it, there were foodstuffs and some provisions. It was like a package from a mother to a child, everything dey inside. I cried that day because of the extent of the care you showed me. We had plans after Uni. We wrote a fairy kinda story, thus well paying jobs and quickly get married.

But it wasn’t so and this affected our relationship. I remember the times you cried, the time you went to do construction jobs, the time you worked as a cleaner, the times you walked from Tema to Teshie, Kaneshie to Teshie. I remember the days you didn’t have anything to eat. You stayed with your stepmother and you were to fend for yourself because you had completed university and expected to work and take care of yourself. I remember the numerous applications you sent out and the times you felt cursed. Those times you never went a day without telling me, you love me and you will make it up to me. You picked any legal menial jobs and out of that you will buy me call credit even when I rejected it. I remember how people have been unfair to you and the endless prayers. I asked if God was there and knew what was happening.

Last two years, you had the opportunity to join to Israel to pilot a program by one of government’s ministries and I saw you come alive. You over worked and when you were away and would send money every month for safe keeping. You kept saying “I will honor you, thanks you for being there and not giving up”. When you came back, the major thing on your mind was marriage, I was a bit scared. I wanted us to wait for a while but you made me understand that it was for good. I saw how happy you were and I still see how happy you are.
I know you are not where you wanted to be but obviously not where you were. It has been quite a journey. This story of yours that you have given me the opportunity to be part of; I don’t take it for granted, you still pray for me, you still cook for us when less busy, you care and show the love more than you say it. I want you to know that I love you more, M’apeda

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