Dear BVA

Dear Dave, it’s 10:39 pm and I can’t believe I am writing to you. I am breastfeeding my baby and my husband is sleeping in the couch next to me. It feels like a dream. But this is real. I am writing to say thank you to my husband. We met as course mates in the University. We were friends for few years, dated and married some years ago. Before we married, we took each other through some very difficult times. I can say probably, we have been each other’s biggest joy and biggest pain. I know that sounds strange but it’s the truth. However, somehow we have always found our way back to each other.
I’m mostly writing because I want him to know I appreciate him. When we married, we were struggling to have a child. He made it such a breeze and fun for me. When I complain sadly, he will ask me, “these people whom you are stressing over, which of them will carry our child at their back? Which of them will take care of him? It’s our own child. He or she will come at the right time”.

We had been to doctor after doctor and after a miscarriage and a horrid experience in a hospital, I told him I didn’t want to see any doctor again over childbirth. I know he was worried about it but he allowed me go through the motions. He allowed me to do me, supported me when I said I just wanted to be happy with trips and vibes. This man was created for me.
This was how I got pregnant Dave. No prodding by a doctor, just good energy. Through my pregnancy he was always there and then we met our boy! God gave us a son and I saw my husband come alive like never before. Because my man is in business, many people have wondered the kind of father he is. It is so funny to me because he is the best father in the world, waking up very early everyday to bring our boy downstairs so I catch some sleep. He is in tune with the baby; he always knows what he needs.

I love this man, I love spending my life with him. At the beginning of this year, I lost my Dad suddenly, and I watched my husband do things for me and my family that I never thought possible.
Dear BVA, I love you, I know it’s not easy, it’s a long road but I appreciate you so much. I love this adventure. You are not pretentious; you make sound decisions and lead us boldly and thoughtfully. You are kind and generous. I pray for you that all your wishes come true. That your hard work will continue to yield the results you want. I’m happy with you. Sometimes I want to just hug you. You are awesome; know that in my eyes, you are everything.

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