Crazy over b00bs

I want to be straightforward as possible. Dave, I love boobs, breasts appeal to me. In fact, I fall in love with it first before I see the person carrying it. I ogle at the sight of it and it turns me on. I like looking at breasts. The type I like is the type that is big, round and firm. That is why I discriminate between breasts because I know my weakness. I married the right woman with the entire package in one. My wife complains about the amount of time and dedication I passionately, carefully and mindfully spend on her boobs, to extent that, she applauds me during sex because it bothers her.

Dave, I marvel at my wife’s boobs, but I don’t understand why I still find different shapes and sizes attractive and go out there to fondle that of other women. I am a born again Christian. I love my wife; she is beautiful and good to me. My intention has never been to betray her trust but I can’t stay away from other boobs. It’s difficult Dave, I have tried but I am always failing the test. I think about the nakedness of some of the women I want to touch.

I can’t get it off my mind. How do I overcome my biggest challenge? I like it when my women achieve their big orgasm when I am playing with it. Sometimes it’s the fun. Sometimes it’s the goal, or the reward in the pleasure. I like it all.

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