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I was her extra-classes tutor. I’m a Chartered Accountant by the way. She wanted to Charter, but did not have an Accounting background. She studied Biology or something like that at the University… So she was finding it very difficult to grasp the basic Accounting principles. She was also managing her father’s firm, and was being tricked to mess things up by some of the employees. When she was introduced to me, I knew she had to be my wife. Every man knows the woman he wants as a wife – the minute he exchanges a few words with her. This woman was mine.

My work schedule was tight, but I couldn’t help but take the challenge upon myself to help her understand Accounting. Studies went well and she passed fairly in the Fundamentals – Knowledge (F1- Accounting. F2 – Management Accounting and F3 – Financial Accounting). I was very proud of her. We both were. When she was preparing for Fundamentals – Skills, I realized she wasn’t focused. Her boyfriend was demanding too much of her time in the evening. And, our classes were scheduled for the evenings and weekends only, because of our work during the day. I needed to see her every evening too, aside the studies, so I asked her to choose between a boyfriend and her studies. She discussed things with her boyfriend, and they got into a fight.

I gave her my attention and helped her through F4: Corporate and Business Law, F5: Performance Management, F6: Taxation, F7: Financial Reporting, F8: Audit and Assurance and F9: Financial Management). I fell in love with her when she excelled. I hadn’t been able to tell her how I felt about her, but I made sure we were very close; so close, she sometimes had to even sleep over at my home after class, because we ended some of the classes very late into the night. I did not make any move on her, in fact, she wouldn’t even allow it.

She also realized I wasn’t receiving any visitors (Females) or calls to distract our class. It was just the two of us, aiming high.

When we started studying for the Professional – Essentials, she started cooking for me at my home, sometimes would offer to do my laundry. She would clean the house on weekends, and Dave, seeing her do all this for me, meant the world to me. I lived in a two-bedroom house then, so I had converted one of the rooms as our class room. Any time she felt like sleeping over, she slept in the class. She excelled in P1: Governance, Risk and Ethics. Excelled in P2: Corporate Reporting and then did extremely well in P3: Business Analysis.

After tutoring her through her Professional – Options courses, I challenged her to take a personal examination I intended conducting for her to prove to me she could excel in her Part 4 Exams. She was all ready for the exams. She studied day and night to prove to me that I had done a good job, teaching her. I printed her question and sealed it in a white envelope. You guessed right: ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ was the only question in that envelope.

I couldn’t bring myself to accept that I could let her go just like that. I loved her, very much. But she said, “NO!” That was the answer she provided in the exam paper that evening. She gave me back my envelope, and then left my house. The following morning, she wired payments for our last class, and that was that.

I didn’t hear from her again. The next time I set eyes on her, she was delivering two things to me, her final examination result, and her wedding invitation card. She married her boyfriend, and they have two kids together. I am still single. I can’t get over her.” – From CR

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