How long are you willing to stay in that relationship/marriage, knowing very well how unhappy and fed-up you are. You know you’re out of steam, yet you’re still in it with them. What exactly are you waiting for? What is your breaking point in that relationship? Or, you’re also contemplating on coding? – DBM


RK: Hello David. How are you?

David Bondze (DB): Hey! I am doing alright. How are you?

RK: I am fine.

DB: Great!

RK: I have a question.

DB: Okay?

RK: My husband used to physically abuse me. But it has all stopped. I fell out of love for him during the abusive years. I want to see if I can love him again. Do you think I am making the right decision?

DB: How long have you been married?

RK: Almost seven years.

DB: Kids?

RK: Two kids.

DB: I see.

RK: He crushed my confidence, Dave. My husband really hurt me. I was in perpetual fear for almost five years.

DB: What happened to packing all of your belongings and stepping the hell out of that house?

RK: I thought about all that, but I couldn’t leave him. A part of me still cared for him.

DB: Hmmm!

RK: And, he wasn’t always a monster.

DB: Even after hitting you?

RK: Yes. But he was kind and sweet. He could be loving and sensitive. That’s why I kept staying.

DB: And you’re still staying.

RK: Yes. Lol!

DB: I do understand you. You love him.

RK: And hate him at the same time.

DB: You still staying in that house with him, tells him you’re very okay with the way he treats you. After all, you haven’t left.

RK: Oh, but he will never hit me again.

DB: Really?

RK: He will not dare.

DB: You seem pretty sure of that.

RK: Do you know about CODED?

DB: The musician?

RK: There’s a musician called coded?

DB: I think so. 4X4 or something like that.

RK: No, not him.

DB: Who/what is CODED?

RK: It’s a gang, made up of five, very strong macho men.

DB: I see. What do they do?

RK: They represent the abused.

DB: What type of abuse?

RK: Any kind of abuse. Physical, verbal, emotional, etc.

DB: Hmmm! Never heard of them.

RK: A colleague at work introduced me. She had employed their services and thought I could use them too.

DB: What did you do?

RK: I called them, and arranged on my husband.

DB: I know what arranging on someone means.

RK: I contacted their business line, spoke to one of them, and they emailed me. I just had to make a onetime payment of GHc 1,500, sent details about my husband, signaled them on when to strike, and that was that.

DB: Personal details about your husband?

RK: Yes. They asked for his name, a photograph of him, where he works, directions to our home, his phone number, and car number plate… And any particular place he loves to go to.

DB: What do they need these information for?

RK: To track him.

DB: That’s criminal, you know?

RK: Well, he used to beat me. That was a crime too. CODED made him feel what it felt like anytime he hit me at home.

DB: I don’t like the sound of this.

RK: Neither do I, but they saved my life eventually.

DB: How?

RK: After payment and sending in the required information, you are given a code. Seven digits. Anytime he abused me in any form, and I needed him to be punished, I just drop my secret code to their email or contact number. And the rest is up to them. You get your results, pressed down, shaken together and running over – within 48 hours.

DB: So, you made a drop on your husband?

RK: Quick.

DB: I see.

RK: And they warned him, if I even accidentally fall or hurt myself, if I fall sick naturally kraaa, and they find out somehow, that I am not feeling well, they will blame it on him, and make their own drop.

DB: You must be kidding me!

RK: No. A lot of women are heavily CODED.

DB: I have never heard of this before.

RK: My husband doesn’t cheat on me anymore. I included cheating in my official complaint to the gang, and they put the fear of god in him. He comes home on time.

DB: This is criminal.

RK: It’s also a solution. My only fear is, I hear they do other horrible stuffs.

DB: Stuffs like what?

RK: I don’t know. But I hear very dangerous things. And it all comes with its different pricing.

DB: How is your husband doing?

RK: He’s still shaken from his treat. He was hospitalized for months. Broken bones and all. His body is still bruised.

DB: And he knows you’re behind this?

RK: I don’t know. But I think so. He’s kind of, scared of me. He is very careful around me. Which is not like him. But he’s changed. He cried and apologized to me when the doctor discharged him. He’s offered to get help, and is talking to his pastor.

DB: This is wrong.

RK: What he did to me was wrong. He made me live in fear and shame. It is his turn.

DB: Are you still in contact with the gang?

RK: Not really, but they video call or show up at my workplace, once every month, to check on me. They will do that for a year to be sure I am no longer in danger, and then, they stop, until further notice.

DB: As in, you contact them for another drop?

RK: Yes.

DB: All this for 1500 GHs?

RK: It’s so cheap, Dave. They have lots of clients so they’re always in business.

DB: They haven’t made any sexual advances at you?

RK: That wasn’t a service I required, so no. But they offer good sex too to married women and single women. The woman who introduced me to their job, used their sex rate. Her husband wasn’t potent, so she got one of them to impregnate her. She’s a mother of two now. But she paid a lot for that job. Over 20, 000.

DB: This is weird.

RK: Their job ends the moment your needs are met, until you need them in your life again.

DB: Anyways, back to your question.

RK: Aha, yes. Should I learn to love him all over again?

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