Cheating dreams

Dave, please tell me this is just a coincidence and it means nothing. I have three kids, all less than 10 years. The first child had a dream three weeks ago. I asked her to tell me about it and she preferred to rather sketch what it was.

Her other siblings were asleep then. She drew a man and a woman holding hands. Then she said, “That’s Daddy”. I asked who the woman was and it wasn’t me. She started to cry and I told her it’s probably one of her daddy’s sisters or friends. She said “no”.

Two days later, the second child told me about a dream she also had. We were in the kitchen alone. I asked about the dream and she went to her room to bring a book and crayon. She drew a bed first, drew a man lying on it and then made an attempt to place a woman on top of the man both naked.

I asked her to explain and she said the woman is her daddy and the woman is another person. I asked her if she knows the name of the lady and she shook her head negatively.

My third child is almost 4 years old and should not be able to dream but he came to me in the bedroom with a paper and crayon in his hand.

His sketches were simple. A sticky man, a sticky woman and sticky baby. He just pointed to the male sketch and said “Dada”.

I follow your page David Bondze-Mbir and you are the first and probably the last person I will share this information with. Keep me anonymous please.

I just want to read the opinions of some of your followers. I don’t have any reason to doubt my husband. He is always doing his best for us.

And I love him to bits. But I will not be able to handle any form of betrayal. I want to know how to act wisely in order not to destroy what I have built for almost a decade with him.

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