Mr. David, I need your help and it’s urgent. I am cheating on my husband. I am not justifying my actions. I just want to tell you how things managed to get this complicated. Two years ago, I felt this unrest in my spirit that he was having an affair. My husband is the type who tries so hard to act the ‘perfect’ and normal in the house. So it’s always very difficult to doubt his actions. I don’t know if you understand. You will least expect him to be cheating on you, because he plays his part right as a husband and father to the kids.

If someone had told me my husband was cheating on me 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. But something didn’t feel right. I talked to an Aunt about the situation and she gave me a solution. The cheapest and simplest private investigators in the world are Taxi drivers. I found a random taxi driver, paid his total sales of 5 days to trail my husband full time. I bought him a smart phone to take pictures and videos from a distance. From the time he leaves the house for work till his return home.

My suspicions turned out to be true. Three times in that week, he went to spend hours in the house of another woman. The taxi driver took pictures of the house, who came out to meet him, took him in and said goodbye to him hours later. Any time he is with the other woman or about to go there, he will lie to me on phone about staying late at work or an impromptu meeting with his Bosses.

David, I pretend a lot, even when I am hurt, you cannot tell. I have learned to train myself to suck it all in and only vents when I have had enough. I didn’t confront my husband with the proof. Dave, a lot of nice men have made passes at me. I had quite a number of complimentary cards in my purse who wanted me to reach out so we kept in touch. I hadn’t contacted any of them because I didn’t see the need to. I dipped my hand in the bag and took one random card. I called the number and he had been waiting for my call since he gave me the card in August 2017.

We talked and in a week, we were good friends. He invited me to his house for lunch. He is a married man so I was shocked he had the guts to invite me home. When I got there, his wife was cooking for me. She welcomed me with a smile and was a great host. After we were done eating, she told me her husband had confided I her about his feelings for me and wanted to know how I felt about him too. I thought I was in a trap but she assured me I was safe. She lost her sexual urge after their 7th miscarriage.

She wasn’t interested in sex anymore so she encouraged her husband to find a good woman to fill that void in their marriage. Her husband chose me. Their only condition is that, he will not leave her for me under any circumstance. They are still in love and cherish their relationship. David, she has become like a sister to me. She calls and texts and chats with me like we are twins. When I am with her husband on a date somewhere, she calls to be sure he is treating me well. The guy also doesn’t lie to her when she calls at a time he is with me.

On Christmas, she sends me money or things for my children. We have become very close like family. I had a no strings attached plan in mind when I took on this venture, but it’s not working anymore. I am in love with her husband. I told her and she has always been laughing at me. She thinks I should do what I feel is good for me, because she likes the fact that I make her husband happy.

My children will be hurt if I break our family with a divorce. Can you believe my husband hasn’t noticed a change in me? He still thinks he is playing his cards well. He doesn’t see that I am not the same woman he married. And that disappoints me the most. The other guy is in love with me and has talked about it, together with his wife. She is okay with anything we decide. To her, I am family no matter what. In their home has enough room for me and my children if we need a new home to locate to. Those were her words to me. She is my best friend at the moment. I don’t know what to do.


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