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Hello Dave, I’m confused about something and I need your followers’ advice on it. I am currently married and my mother-in-law owns a restaurant and I’m a good cook myself so I mostly come up with ideas and menus for the place.

Before I got married I used to do business with her by introducing some of the dishes to the place and taking my cut since she doesn’t want to bear the cost, if it doesn’t work out.

What I noticed is whenever my products are going well she finds a way to sabotage me then out of frustration I would quit but I always use my profit to buy things into her business because I want the place to look good and nice and also because I believe in the place.

This start and stop has happened 3 times and on all occasions, she would be the same person to come and beg or ask for help in re-establishing the place.

This time, I thought being married into the family now, this attitude would stop, just last week Thursday I introduced something new and it was going well because of that I decided to push an event there to introduce new things this coming weekend only to be told by one of the waiters that my products have been deleted from the menu board. So out of anger I decided to withdraw my support from whatever is going to be held in the weekend.

In fact I have decided to go MIA (missing in action )on the D day because I think I am being used, after it gets successful I would be cut out as usual and all my efforts would go to waste.

This is creating tension between my husband and I, but seriously what more can I do? Because I can’t understand why only my products would be deleted from the menu meanwhile she begged me to start ooo.

I didn’t know who is responsible and I would rather not know. But Saturday, I would really embarrass them because fliers and banners have been posted and they are expecting a crowd

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