Cheap commodity

Mr.David, I need your advice urgently. I am a good woman and my husband has been testifying to that to his friends and family.

I fell in love with a charming stranger who later became my friend and now husband. The odd thing about my husband is he makes other people believe he loves me so much and the ladies on social media are tricked into falling for his act.

I love my husband and I have been blinded by my love for him that, it’s difficult to see the side of him that is clearly taking me for granted. He doesn’t help me when I need him to help with something important.

He will be Father Christmas to a beautiful lady on Facebook who will need his help. He will go to every extent, use his best contacts, all to make things happen for a woman he is interested in. But will expect me to be available to him when he needs me the most.

Sometimes, he makes me think he is the only good guy in Ghana and I should be thankful he chose to be with me. He wants me to be giving him a lot of sex and respect even if he disrespects or speaks to me anyhow. He pretends he has time for me but he doesn’t.

I don’t think I am a priority in his life but he thinks I will stay with him no matter what. He sometimes forgets I am also a human being with feelings and deep emotions and that I need love. You should see him when I am discussing issues that should matter in our marriage and family with him.

He would be checking his phone or watching TV and saying he is listening to me but I dare not do the same thing while he is talking to me. Dave, you talk about we women paying attention to our intuition.

I feel he is having an affair but that isn’t really a concern to me right now because someone else has taken my attention off my husband. I don’t complain anymore when he is doing the same things he does to hurt my feelings because I have a new friend.

His wife died three years ago and has become my good friend for 8 months. He is rich but that is not the reason why I like him.

He is the opposite of everything my husband‘s character is to me. He works with an oil company and owns three filling stations in Accra alone. He will be in a business meeting or gulfing with his friends. When I call, he stops whatever he is doing to talk to me.

When I am home, he would not call or text because he says it’s not right to take my attention off my home. We have gone out on lunch and dinner dates, we have slept in the same hotel room when I had to lie to my husband to spend a day with him outside Accra. He never touched me.

He will not kiss me. He says I am married. I have a spare key to his house and I go to cook for him once a week to stuff his fridge.

I have a secret bank account with over 76,000 cedis to my name from him. I have been comparing his love and that of my husband’s to me; the value is not the same.

David please help me. I know you said you are not a counsellor, but help me do something right. I feel like a cheap commodity in the hands of my husband.

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