Celebrating 5 years in holy matrimony

Today makes exactly 5 years of the beginning of our marriage journey. If you are able to see this, I pray you post this poem and tag my wife, Abigail Okyere Boateng.I would also like to inspire the many followers of your page that marriage is a beautiful thing when Christ is the foundation.

It was on a beautiful twilight exactly five years down memory lane in that golden city “Under the stone”.
I was offered my own beautiful gold
Alas! What to me appeared like a dream
while I remained but in a deep sleep
had suddenly unfolded into my reality

See, before me stood my heart’s desire
even the one I had longed for in ages past
and patiently waited to call my very own

yea,my darling for many years to come
the beautiful flesh of my very flesh                                                                                                                                                          And that strong bone of my bones
United forever in holy matrimony

My Abigail, a delight of your father
one of the choicest in his quiver
a woman of beauty and virtue

adorned with intelligence and honor
And yet seeking ever to condescend
You surely delight my soul
And constantly serve to remind me

how I’m delighted of our Father also
see,as a wine tastes better with years gone by
even so with the days you become sweeter
and your wisdom keeps brightening
Like the sun in the celestial

As we stand on the corridors of time
Peeping many years ahead on this road
Do kindly remember and again be told

That those words of covenant I did utter
amid tears of joy in that solemn assembly
remain a hearty and enduring contemplation

So, until death do us part someday to come
Or Christ be ruptured together as the first fruits
You shall not cease to remain mine and I yours

We will be here in this side of that river
Shining forth our light and striving together

To make perfect the theme of our holy matrimony
Even that glorious and great mystery of God
The beautiful marriage of Christ and his church”
To my darling wife Abigail Okyere Boateng

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