Can’t Stop

“I made a mistake. I thought I had learned from it but it happened again, and it’s been happening lately… A lot. I can’t stop cheating on my wife. And the truth is, I love my wife dearly. She’s my backbone, and everything. But the issue is, I feel more attractive when I am out with another woman. The conquest alone turns me on. And I feel desired. Can I stop this behavior and be better someday? I want to be better but it’s not easy for me” – Worried T

Response from Kofi Gbedemah

“Dear Worried T,

The thing about wanting to stop something is confronting yourself with the results of what will happen if you don’t. If your wife means that much to you, consider the option of losing her. For someone you claim is your backbone, better get a wheelchair ready at the rate you’re going, because when women drop their trust ratings for you, it will be almost impossible to bring the ratings back to where they used to be.

I don’t know what makes you feel you’re not attracted to her, but I do know that different women express themselves differently. If she doesn’t expressly SAY it, but is still your ‘backbone’ and still remains so, that is all the validation you’ll ever need. Conquests turn all men on. But you don’t have to ‘kill it’. At a point in time, some men would take the game to the point they knew they have ‘scored’, but will skillfully change tactics because they don’t want to hurt the woman they love.

You can know you’re attractive to other women without necessarily sleeping with them. Bottom line, if your wife means that much to you, apply elementary economics. Opportunity Cost: You’ll lose her to something less. If you don’t want that to happen, you’ll stop all by yourself.”

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