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“Whenever you wake to push-open your curtains in the mornings, you have a choice to make. And these choices may or not define us, be it major or minor. These choices we make affect change. Question now is, would ‘the future’ you be proud of ‘the present’ you – for doing whatever you’re about to do?”Bondze
“I was raised by a single mother and the circumstances in which we had to survive wasn’t an easy one. Dave, I grew up without my father around all the time. He had another life going on for him, and so the sole responsibility for all aspects of my day to day care rested on my mother. I witnessed first-hand the stress, burden and exhaustion she had to deal with in order for us to survive. She had me at the age of 23, and distanced herself from my father when I turned 3 years old.
Unfortunate, I also got pregnant at the age of 23 and delivered at 24. I didn’t mean to become a parent. I hadn’t planned for that life. My baby-daddy was a married man, and would not leave his family to be with us. When I met him, he told me he was separated and was moving on with his life. He wanted me to be a part of that life he was pursuing. We had that emotional connection, that kind of intimacy I had been dreaming of all my life.
He assured me he was single and searching but as it turned out at the end of my chapter with him, the other important thing in his life that ‘was coming between’ him and I was his original woman, who thought of him also as her soul mate – his wife. When it dawned on me that – him being with me wasn’t really about me, but rather his way out to diffusing the tension between himself and his wife, I ended the relationship.
My only daughter who is 23 years old, told me two nights ago that she’s pregnant. And the man responsible for the pregnancy is married. I really want to suggest abortion to break this cycle. She’s not in the position to mother a child, Dave. And I cannot imaging seeing this cycle repeat itself over the years. Am I suggesting the wrong alternative?”
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