Broken trust

Kindly let me disturb you please. I started going out with a guy last year. He is actually the first guy I introduced to my folks because I felt he was the one. He has a child and since that was before I met him, I had no issue with it.
He travelled to his hometown somewhere in October and just last month, he told me he had gotten someone pregnant and his family wants him to marry the girl but he doesn’t love her. And that he wants to do knocking to get the family off his back and travel for a while.

I felt disrespected as a woman and I am not in support of the idea. He is now asking me to take a decision if I want to stay with him or not.
I honestly don’t want to because the trust is broken and I will always think he will cheat again but I feel my family, especially my mum will be disappointed since they all thought I would end up marrying him. I also feel I’m growing old and that I might not get someone else. I seem to know the way to go out but scared of the unknown.

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