Broken Open

He learnt to get in touch with the silence within him, and then got to know that, EVERYTHING IN HIS LIFE HAS A PURPOSE. And that, there are no mistakes, no coincidences… He’s remained in a state of his humanity, grace and respect, irrespective of whether or not the circumstances were appropriate. To him, all happenings are blessings given to us to learn from. He gave himself the permission for LOVE to flow through him, through and through. – DBM


“Hello Mr. David,

I must confess that this is my first time of hearing of your name and Facebook platform. I’m hardly on Facebook, until my wife wants me to come online to check something out. She tagged me yesterday in The Proposal, part 10, and insisted I followed the whole story to conclusion. When we got home last night, she told me she would love for me to also share ours.

She’s very shy of letting you know who she is, but she’s your fan, and always reads from your page. She’s applied certain things in our marriage – she claims, picked from some of the comments on your Wall. She told me all this yesterday, just to convince me to send you our proposal story. It’s really nothing peculiar, but my wife would be very happy if I share, so I am sharing it with you.

I live in Accra, and the junction close to where I live, had this mad man, always loitering around the neighborhood. It’s a gated area, so he couldn’t come inside the community, however, anytime we all drove out of the main gate, we saw him seated under a tree, opposite our entrance. He wasn’t the dirty, messed up type of ‘mad’. This dude put on clean clothes, had a well-shaped hair, but would be talking and laughing to himself, when alone – and sometimes, eating from the floor.

I was on leave in 2015, March, and would often take on jogging to stay in shape. I stepped out of the main entrance one morning, around 5:40 AM to jog my routine, when I saw this very beautiful, career-like, young lady, seated next to this mad guy, talking to him. She was professionally dressed so I could assume she was on her way to work. I managed to ignore the sight of what I had seen and jogged ahead. I returned Two (2) hours later and both weren’t there.

The following morning, I set off to jog again, and the mad man had returned to post, in a different attire. The evening of that day, I was going out to hang around with friends, when I saw the young lady from the previous morning. Naturally, I became curious, but I had to let it go. It was none of my damn business, I thought. I returned from the outing, around 9:20 PM, and this girl was still by his side, but she had changed clothing; meaning, she either went home to change, or home was close by.

I began to wonder who the guy is or meant to her: a husband, boyfriend, friend, etc…

I was driving through the entrance gate when she crossed the road to tap on my glass. She wanted to know if I would allow her brother to use my washroom (toilet). Lol! I asked who or where the brother was, and it was him. To be very honest, Dave, I was very uncomfortable with the thought of it. But the lady had this innocence and glory, all around her. Her presence commanded attention in a way. I said, ‘sure’ without really thinking deep into it. They joined me in the car to my house.

The pungent smell on the guy’s body was unbearable. But I allowed it because the pretty woman could tolerate it. Unbelievable! While he used the washroom, I had a chat with the lady. That was her oldest brother who had been mad and missing for the past Seven (7) years. He was found and sent to the psychiatric hospital, Five (5) times, but would always escape the facility to the streets. She was in a Trotro one morning when she saw him on my junction. She had to forgo work that morning, to check on her sick brother.

I also got to know that, he used to be married with a child. He was the branch manager of a bank, and had turned this way when he caught the wife, having sex with his best friend, in his own home. He had traveled and was to spend three days outside of Accra, but an emergency came up at work – that demanded his presence. He was going home to pick documents for the said emergency meeting but never returned to work.

When her brother was done using my washroom, she asked if she could give him a bath, in my bathroom. Lol! Unbelievable, right? But she asked for that also, and I did allow them. After the bath, (she carried a sponge and towel in her bag, but used my soap and lotion on him) she asked if I had any old shirt and trousers I no longer used. I had some, so I gave a pair out. He looked good in my clothes. She then went to clean my washroom, even when I insisted she shouldn’t, and then left me in the company of this mad man. Well, for a fact, he didn’t look all that ‘mad’ in my clothes. He looked cool.

I tried to kill the silence in the hall by trying to start a conversation with him. He could carry on conversation alright. Aside the every now and then, smiling, making silly sounds and scratching of head, he could make sound conversations. Out of the blue, he said,

“Ama is my sister’s name, if you would want to know.”

I asked him of her age but he didn’t know that. Then he asked me, “Are you going to marry her?” Lol! At this point, it was official to me that, he, indeed, was mad. I laughed, and his sister came to check on us. She asked why I was laughing but I couldn’t get an answer. Just before she entered the washroom, this mad boy shouted,

“He says he wants to marry you”

The way he said it was so funny, we all burst into laughter. When his sister was done cleaning, it was late, and I had to drive them to wherever she lived. I took them to her house, and returned home. The following morning, mad man was not at post. He didn’t return to post until I resumed work. The next I saw him, he was in my clothes, but not at our junction. I was in traffic, and he recognized me. I waved and smiled at him, but he didn’t mind me. After work, I saw him opposite our entrance gate. I invited him to my car and we went to my place together.

His sister had not returned home for two days and he had to find food to eat. We went to her house to get her phone number from one of her neighbors, and she had been hospitalized. A nurse had picked up the call, so we went to the hospital together.

Dave, the feeble smile on her face when she saw the two of us in the ward, was enough to get me really interested in her. I saw her, and I liked her for who she was. At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by the spark from another person. Each of us has a cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

At the hospital, he asked again, whether or not I would marry his sister. It wasn’t funny this time. There was so much seriousness in his voice. His sister tried to laugh it off, but I couldn’t. I could see the beautiful, caring woman she was. I liked the beautiful, caring woman in that hospital bed. I wanted to know more about her.

“I will marry your sister only if she would promise us to get well soon.” I responded

My late brother in law, lighted the flame within his sister. My wife, lights the flame within me. He was my best man at our wedding. Another embarrassing story to share later, but he was knocked down by a car, two months after our wedding. We are taking care of his child.” – From CSA

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