Big wedding

For the purpose of this letter I will simply call her Abena. After reading this letter I hope she will know why I decided to walk away from our relationship.

Dear Abena, you were one of the most amazing people I had ever met. Your smile illuminates the room you walk into and just hearing your voice was just enough to put me in a good mood. Your beauty was beyond reproach. Indeed, to me you were perfection.

Our issues commenced when we started talking about marriage. I tried to let you know that a big wedding was not my thing and the idea of spending so much to impress people who didn’t really care was absolutely unnecessary.

You got upset when I told you that per white wedding traditions, it’s the bride’s father who pays for the wedding and not the groom. Your reaction didn’t go down well with me simply because it first made me know that you fully didn’t understand the tradition you are copying and that you really didn’t care about my financial well being.

Yes I agree I have been blessed with a good source of income but do we have to spend it to impress people? I tried to convince you to consider a small wedding of about 20 people but you insisted that you have a big family 10 times the number I am suggesting so that won’t cut it, not to talk about your friend list.

I need you to understand that even though my life seems pretty comfortable now, it used to be really hard so I don’t spend unnecessarily. I loved you but I realized you loved the idea of a big white wedding more than intended marriage.

All efforts to get you to see things my way was not possible. You simply had your mind made up and it was obvious you were not rescinding on your idea of a perfect white wedding ceremony at my cost.

Making the decision to walk away was not easy but it was necessary for my mental and financial health. I hope you find the guy who is willing to splash and give you the wedding that you want or deserve.
To the young people out there considering marriage please note that a wedding is not marriage. Please consider investing your money into your marriage and the family you will be starting.

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